May 22, 2023
David Akin's Roundup
Clippings of #cdnpoli, #media, and #tech content aimed at those with an interest in Canadian politics and policy. And sometimes Canadian postage stamps.
Justice Minister David Lametti pushed back against Pierre Poilievre, who says the reforms were necessary due to what he called the Liberals' "catch and release" policies. [Global]
From the provinces
Olivia Chow’s mayoral election lead is ‘untouchable’: new poll
Support for Chow remains nearly triple that of nearest rivals Coun. Josh Matlow and former police chief Mark Saunders, says a Forum Research poll. [TorStar]
Environment Canada issued air quality statements for both Calgary and Edmonton on Sunday due to elevated levels of wildfire smoke. [Global]
Ghazal says she thinks an increased focus on sovereignty and protecting Quebec's language will help the party gain votes outside of Montreal, where its support is concentrated. [Global]
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Zelenskyy hints new Canadian aid package for Ukraine is coming soon
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Volodymyr Zelenskyy had met earlier in the day and Canada did not announce any new weapons or aid for Ukraine after they spoke. [Global]
Chinese foreign ministry says Japan’s actions were detrimental to China’s sovereignty and security. [Al-Jazeera]
Despite inflicting the most crushing defeat in half a century on the opposition, Greece’s center-right Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis says he will seek a second election within weeks, as he lacks the majority in Parliament to govern alone. Mitsotakis was handed the mandate to form a government Monday, but said he would return it as there was no prospect of success. With 99.55% of the votes counted, Mitsotakis’ New Democracy party won 40.79% — twice the left-wing main opposition Syriza’s share. But the electoral system left ND short of a governing majority. The next elections, expected in late June or early July, will grant the first party a bonus of up to 50 seats. [AP]
Near a peak of the Zagros Mountains in central Iran, workers are building a nuclear facility so deep in the earth that it is likely beyond the range of a last-ditch U.S. weapon designed to destroy such sites. [AP]
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Covering Substance Use and Addiction Responsibly
Stories about substance use and addiction can be among the thorniest that science journalists encounter. By leaning too heavily on tragic narratives or buying into simplistic and damaging myths, stories can perpetuate stigma and downplay the real possibility of treatment and recovery. Journalists can help reverse this pattern in a number of ways, including using humanizing language, seeking sources with lived experience, and, when possible, framing stories around solutions and hope. [Open Notebook]

The EU says Meta's policy of cross border data flows risks EU citizens' privacy. [Endgadget]

In this post, we will cover the basics of handling dates and times in R using the as.Date, as.POSIXct, and as.POSIXlt functions. [Steve's Data Tips and Tricks]
Issued this day ...
... in 2010: Sc #2389: Wildlife Photography: Hummingbird. Design: Susan Scott.
In 2009, Canadian Geographic magazine held a photography contest and then Canada Post printed up the winners on stamps. This pic of a hummingbird was snapped by Wing Yan Tam.