Apr 18, 2024
David Akin's Roundup
Clippings of #cdnpoli, #media, and #tech content aimed at those with an interest in Canadian politics and policy. And sometimes Canadian postage stamps.
“Aren't you ashamed?”: ArriveCAN contractor Firth admonished by MPs
GC Strategies partner Kristian Firth has been reprimanded by the House of Commons over the controversial ArriveCAN app, after refusing to answer many questions from MPs at a previous parliamentary committee.  It is the first time a Canadian private citizen has been ordered to appear before the bar in more than a century. Mackenzie Gray looks at how MPs grilled Firth and the surprising revelations from what he said. [Global National]

GC Strategies partner Kristian Firth testified in the House of Commons that the RCMP has raided one of his properties in connection with allegations raised by Botler AI. [Global]

Conservative MP Michael Chong is urging a federal inquiry to refrain from making final conclusions about the integrity of the last two general elections, saying it is too early to do so. [CP]
Lawrence Martin: Along with several other prominent Liberals, the Public Safety Minister has been rumoured to be considering a run, and it’s clear now he’s serious. [Globe and Mail]
After years of work, the federal government says it plans on implementing a national flood insurance program within the next 12 months as part of the 2024 budget. [Global]
The changes to capital gains taxation have been billed as a way to ensure the government can make up some for some of the big spending measures announced in Tuesday’s budget. [Global]
Trevor Tombe: From the perspective of getting the underlying structure of Canada’s tax system right, increasing capital gains taxes made good sense. [The Hub]
A spokeswoman for Gov. Gen. Mary Simon says she will continue to advocate for "digital respect," despite suggestions it's inappropriate for her to wade in when a government bill trageting the issue being hotly debated. [CP]
Mike de Jong is seeking the federal Conservative Party nomination in Abbotsford-South Langley, a new riding which encompasses much of the provincial constituency he has represented for the B.C. United party since 1994. Akin riding notes: In 2015, during the Trudeau-led Liberal wave, this part of BC stayed solidly Conservative. With that wave long since waned,  you can bet this voters in this will elect another Conservative in 2025. So the stakes are high in this nomination race to succeed Ed Fast. Already in the race, Fast's constituency assistant; a riding EDA V-P -- and now this heavyweight. A race to watch ... [CBC]
Dave Carroll will be putting away his guitar as he hopes to strike up a chord of a different kind. The Waverley resident said he will be seeking the Conservative Party of Canada nomination for the riding of Sackville-Bedford-Preston (formerly Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook). Akin riding notes:  Liberal Darrell Samson has represented this riding since 2015 but before that (and in slightly different form) this was the fiefdom of New Democrat Peter Stoffer. For 2025, this riding gets a major re-shaping losing the Chezzetcook part that wrapped around the bottom of Dartmouth in the east and south while growing in its northwest end to pick up parts Halifax West and the riding of Dartmouth--Cole Harbour. This could be very interesting three-way race between the LPC, NDP and the CPC. In my model right now, I have the CPC prevailing by 6 points with the NDP finishing second. [The Laker]
From the Provinces
Jury finds 3 men guilty of mischief for Coutts border blockade
Three men accused by the Crown of helping lead and coordinate the COVID-19 protest blockade at Coutts, Alta., in 2022 have been found guilty of mischief. Sentencing is expected in July. [Global]
[Justin Trudeau's Quebec lieutenant] says he deplores the tone taken by the leader of the Parti Québécois, who referenced "deportations and executions" of francophones to justify the party's push for independence. [CP]
Alec Castonguay: Le député fédéral indépendant est sollicité pour faire le saut en politique québécoise, après le choix du caquiste Eric Lefebvre de tenter sa chance au fédéral. Love this kind of deep-dive analysis. Excellent. [Radio-Canada]
Ontario Premier Doug Ford is calling for a reversal of the Speaker's ban on keffiyehs in the legislature. [CP]
A national organization of post-secondary teachers is calling on Alberta to either change a proposed gatekeeping bill or scrap it altogether. [CP]
It's the biggest election in history. Here's why few Indians in Canada will take part
Parmod Chhabra is deeply invested in the Indian general election that gets underway on Friday, with almost a billion people eligible to vote, but he won't be casting a ballot. [CP]
The campaign sent the letter as the former president is struggling to close a fundraising gap with Biden. Grifters 101. [Politico]

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CBC says $42M budget bump means no more 'significant' job cuts for now
The additional funding happened amid threats that the broadcaster would cut hundreds of jobs because of the predicted shortfall this year. [National Post]
The senior editor says CEO Katherine Maher has "divisive views" that confirm the issues he wrote about in an essay accusing NPR of losing the public's trust. [NPR]
Jack Shafer: Some observers might think the Berliner reprimand shows that fed up bosses are finally starting to crack down on rowdy employees. But that’s too generous of an interpretation. Berliner could have dumped bilge on NPR and still gotten a clean getaway if he had indemnified himself by bringing a posse of similar malcontents with him. [Politico]
Avoiding ads with YouTube Premium costs $14 per month. [CNet]
Science and Tech
Canadian science gets biggest boost to PhD and postdoc pay in 20 years
Government budget includes more money for basic research and notable increases to postgraduate stipends. [Nature]
The Calendar
  • 0815 ET: 330 Wellington - Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (HUMA) | Meeting 109 - Bill C-58
  • 0815 ET: 125-B West Block - Official Languages (LANG) | Meeting  95 - Federal Funding for Minority-Language Post-Secondary Institutions
  • 0815 ET: 425 Wellington - Public Safety and National Security (SECU) | Meeting 103 - Growing Problem of Car Thefts in Canada
  • 0900 ET: Burlngton, ON - Deputy PM and Fin Min Chrystia Freeland speaks about Budget 2024.
  • 0930 ET: Ottawa - NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh meets with Saskatchewan NDP Leader Carla Beck
  • 1000 ET: 035-B West Block - Finance (FINA) | Meeting  138 - Bill C-59
  • 1100 ET: 430 Wellington - Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics (ETHI) | Meeting  113 - FY25 Main Estimates
  • 1100 ET: 330 Wellington - Agriculture and Agri-Food (AGRI) | Meeting  100 - Bill C-355
  • 1100 ET: 315 Wellington - Health (HESA) | Meeting  111 - Drafting report.
  • 1100 ET: 410 Wellington - Science and Research (SRSR) | Meeting  82 - The Distribution of Federal Government Funding Among Canada's Post-Secondary Institutions
  • 1100 ET: 025-B West Block - Transport, Infrastructure and Communities (TRAN) | Meeting  110 - Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities
  • 1100 ET: 135B West Block - NDP MP Heather McPherson speaks about pension plans.
  • 1115 ET: Belleville, ON - Families and Social Development Min Jenna Sudds speaks about Budget 2024.
  • 1115 ET: Welland, ON - PACIFICCan Min Harjit Sajjan speaks about Budget 2024.
  • 1230 ET: Ottawa - NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh meets with K'ómoks First Nation Chief Ken Price
  • 1500 ET: Ottawa - PM Trudeau speaks to the Canadian Labour Congress council meeting.
  • 1515 ET: Washington, DC - Deputy PM and Fin Min Chrystia Freeland attends a meeting of the Five Eyes Finance Ministers.
  • 1530 ET: 425 Wellington - Environment and Sustainable Development (ENVI) | Meeting  104 - Freshwater
  • 1530 ET: 035B West Block - Canadian Heritage (CHPC) | Meeting  116 - Bill C-316. LPC MP Ron McKinnon to testify.
  • 1530 ET: 320 Wellington - Finance (FINA) | Meeting  139 - Bill C-59
  • 1530 ET: 430 Wellington - Fisheries and Oceans (FOPO) | Meeting  106 - Population Sustainability of Yukon Salmon Stocks
  • 1530 ET: 410 Wellington - International Trade (CIIT) | Meeting  101 - Drafting report.
  • 1530 ET: 315 Wellington - Natural Resources (RNNR) | Meeting  94 - Drafting report.
  • 1530 ET: 225-A West Block - Public Accounts (PACP) | Meeting  115 - Report 1, ArriveCAN, of the 2024 Reports of the Auditor General of Canada: Treasury Board Pres Anita Anand testifies + FY25 Main Estimates
  • 1530 ET: 330 Wellington - the Status of Women (FEWO) | Meeting  105 - Red Dress Alert: Crown-Indigenous Relations Min Gary Anandasangaree testifies.
  • 1600 ET: Ottawa - NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh speaks to the Canadian Labour Congress council meeting.
  • 1800 ET: Washington, DC - Deputy PM and Fin Min Chrystia Freeland hosts a Canada-Ukraine dinner.
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