Mar 25, 2024
David Akin's Roundup
Clippings of #cdnpoli, #media, and #tech content aimed at those with an interest in Canadian politics and policy. And sometimes Canadian postage stamps.
Winnipeg man was member of Chinese military branch behind cyber attacks on Canada, officials allege
Huajie Xu told immigration officials he came to Canada for its air quality. Court records show he is a veteran of China's People's Liberation Army. [Global]
Conservatives lead Liberals by 18
Since our last survey, the Conservatives and Liberals are down 1 and the NDP is up 1. Since the beginning of the year, we have seen stability in vote intentions with the Conservatives consistently in the low 40s and the Liberals stuck in the low to mid 20s. [Abacus Data]
Defence Minister Bill Blair says he will transfer prosecution of sexual offences in the military to civilian authorities as part of a culture shakeup in the armed forces. [Global]
Just an FYI: I have asked the Conservative Party of Canada three times for its current list of officially nominated candidates. Twice that request was ignored. On the third time, the party spox said it would not be provided. The Liberals have provided such a list. The NDP has said they would but have not yet done so. And the BQ said they don't yet have a full list but will pass on when they do. So, for the CPC, at least, I'm left to trolling social media accounts or relying on the intelligence of those who read this newsletter to see who's running where.
And, so here's another one just posted on the CPC's social accounts: Ned Kuruc, a mortgage professional, seeks a re-match against Liberal incumbent Chad Collins in Hamilton East--Stoney Creek. The Conservatives have never won this riding since its creation in 2004. Voters have returned only Liberals and New Democrat Wayne Marston. For 2025, the riding loses a slice of its western end to Hamilton Centre that has the result of making the riding "more Liberal" on paper at least. Collins won in 2021 by about 8 points but the redistribution of 2021 votes on to the new riding boundaries would have given him a 9 point margin of victory over Kuruc. That said, if an election were held today, this "more Liberal" riding would result in a first-time win here for Kuruc and the Conservatives by about 7 points. - DA
Teresa Durning is a city councillor and a  constituency assistant in the office of North Okanagan-Shuswap MP Mel Arnold. I believe she's at least the third (maybe fourth) to enter the nomination contest for the new southern BC riding to be called Vernon--Lake Country--Monashee. Had VLCM existed in 2021, it would have been an easy CPC win. Transposing votes then on to the new riding's boundaries give the CPC the seat with 44% of the vote and it would almost certainly elect a Conservative if an election were held now. Hence: The intense competition for the CPC nomination. - DA
From the Provinces
Hospitals and long-term care homes spent nearly $1 billion last year to fill shifts with nurses and personal support workers from private staffing agencies, according to estimates in a Ministry of Health document released through a freedom-of-information request. [CP]
Ukraine’s Battered Army Grapples With Growing Troop Shortage
Efforts to draft young men are hampered by politics, demographics and Ukrainians’ growing reluctance to join the military. [WSJ]
Real estate experts say that getting a judgment is a lot easier than foreclosing on a major piece of real estate. And pinning a value to Trump’s buildings is a guessing game. [NYT]
Gary Younge: What has happened to Britain? For all its faults, the British ruling class used to take itself seriously—if anything, too seriously. No one would accuse it of doing that now. The deluded act of self-harm otherwise known as Brexit was the most glaring example: for momentary electoral gain and an internal party truce, former prime minister David Cameron asked the country a question to which he did not want to know the answer and then resigned when they got it “wrong.” A nation that insisted on an aggressive, isolating version of its own sovereignty has spent the past eight years struggling to figure out what to do with it. But Brexit also acted as a sifting mechanism, elevating the least serious to the top. Fair eye-opener of an essay for those, particularly progressives, who may not have paid much attention recently to UK politics. [NY Review of Books]

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A new report suggests Canadians' television viewing habits continue to shift toward streaming platforms at the expense of traditional cable and satellite subscriptions, at a time when the federal regulator is considering new rules to help level the playing field across the sector. [CP]

Resources from the National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting data journalism conference collected and posted by Sharon Machlis. Great resource for journalists and j-educators.  - DA []
Science and Tech
It’s a Golden Age for Shipwreck Discoveries. Why?
More lost shipwrecks are being found because of new technology, climate change and more vessels scanning the ocean floor for science or commerce. [NYT]
The Calendar
  • 0820 ET: Montreal - Transport Min Pablo Rodriguez makes a funding announcement. 
  • 0820 ET: Montreal - Employment Min Randy Boissonnault speaks to the Solutions to Workforce Challenges conference
  • 0900 ET: Saint John, NB - LPC MP Wayne Long makes a funding announcement. 
  • 0930 ET: London, ON - LPC MP Arielle Kayabaga makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1000 ET: Wellington, PE - LPC MP Bobby Morrissey makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1000 ET: Guelph, ON - LPC MP Lloyd Longfield  makes an infrastructure funding announcement.
  • 1030 ET: 135B West Block -  Electricity Canada CEO speaks to reporters.
  • 1045 ET: Halifax, NS - NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh speaks about housing
  • 1100 ET: Sudbury, ON - LPC MP Viviane Lapointe makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1200 ET: Winnipeg - Women and Gender Equality Min Marci Ien and Northern Affairs Min Dan Vandal make a funding announcement.
  • 1200 ET: Halifax - NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh speaks about protecting renters
  • 1500 ET: Eastern Passage, NS - NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh joins a picket line.
  • 1745 ET: Toronto - PM Trudeau speaks at a community event in honour of the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.
Issued this day ...
… in 1992: Scott 1407a souvenir sheet of 4: Canada 92. Design: Pierre-Yves Pelletier. Illustrations: Suzanna Duranceau.
This set of four was issued to mark CANADA 92, the World Philatelic Exhibition held in 1992 in Montreal. The stamps also mark the 350th anniversary of the founding of Montreal; the voyages of Jacques Carrtier and the 500th anniversary of the 1492 voyage of Christopher Columbus.