Mar 26, 2024
David Akin's Roundup
Clippings of #cdnpoli, #media, and #tech content aimed at those with an interest in Canadian politics and policy. And sometimes Canadian postage stamps.
Working hours of male doctors have dropped sharply, data shows. Why?
The working hours of male physicians in Canada have sharply declined over the past 30 years, a new study says, amid increased burnout and health-care staffing challenges. [Global]
MP Ryan Turnbull says the benefit, which is designed to help keep people with disabilities out of poverty, is a 'legacy social policy' for the government. [Global]
A federal inquiry into foreign interference is set to hear from diaspora communities Wednesday to kick off two weeks of testimony about meddling allegations and how the government responded to them. [CP]
From the Provinces
John Herron is seeking the New Brunswick Liberal party nomination to take on a Christian television host who he says is pushing the province's Tories to right-wing politics. [Global]
Premier Doug Ford made the announcement Monday about one key affordability item that will be in the budget Tuesday. [Global]
t's budget day in Ontario, and the finance minister is set to present his plan to bolster the economy ahead of an expected slowdown, while also trying to ease the rising cost of living. [CP]

“Should Ontario fail to provide a revised plan demonstrating how it intends to meet its housing targets under the agreement, the Province will not receive $357 million dollars intended for affordable housing from the federal government,” Fraser said. [National Post]

Liberals' Dana Blackmore, Progressive Conservative's Jim McKenna and Jim Gill of the NDP on the ballot for April 15 vote. [Saltwire]

Canada is evacuating ‘most vulnerable’ citizens from Haiti: Joly
Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly says Canada has airlifted 18 Canadians out of Haiti, as assisted departures began from the Caribbean nation on Monday. [Global]
A military unit of foreign fighters in the Ukrainian war had taken up covert missions against Russia when its Canadian commander was killed, says a researcher who studies war in the former Soviet Union. [CP]

The black-and-white shot of France's head of state in the middle of a boxing sparring session, a display of outdated masculinity, has social media buzzing. [Le Monde]

Biden is racing to shift marijuana policy ahead of election
As President Biden seeks support from young people, his administration is banking on cannabis policy as a potential draw. [LA Times]
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If Meta adopts the Oversight Board’s recommendations, it could have a significant impact on the platform’s Arabic-speaking users. The board notes that the word shaheed, because it is so common, likely “accounts for more content removals under the Community Standards than any other single word or phrase,” across the company’s apps. [Endgadget]

Earlier this month, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice John Keith granted the insolvent companies protection from creditors who are owed about $90 million. [Global]

Science and Tech
The Cult of Mac
Cory Doctorow: Apple's most valuable intangible asset isn't its patents or copyrights – it's an army of people who believe that using products from a $2.89 trillion multinational makes them members of an oppressed religious minority whose identity is coterminal with the interests of Apple's shareholders. [Pluralistic]
The Calendar
  • 0800 ET: Moncton, NB - Health Min Mark Holland and Public Safety Min Dominic LeBlanc make a funding announcement. 
  • 0900 ET: Montague, PE - Agriculture Min Lawrence MacAulay makes a funding announcement. 
  • 0930 ET: St John's, - LPC MP Joanne Thompson makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1000 ET: 135B West Block, - Members of the Kitcisakik First Nation speak to reporters.
  • 1100 ET: Calgary - LPC MP George Chahal makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1300 ET: North Vancouver, BC - LPC MP Patrick Weiler and LPC MP Mike Kelloway speak about the Canadian Coast Guard's shipbuilding program.
  • 1700 ET: Yellowknife -  LPC MP Michael McLeod makes a funding announcement.
Issued this day ...
… in 2004: Sc 2026: Otto Sverdrup: Fram. Design: Martin Mörk. 
This was one of a trio of stamps issued in 2004, part of a joint issue with Norway and Greenland, to mark the 150th anniversary of the Norwegian explorer Otto Sverdrup (1854-1930).  “Sverdrup is not well known in Canada,” Canada Post said in the press release of the day,  “but his travels defined much of our northern geography, at a time when no explorer had yet reached the North Pole. When he began his 1898 expedition on the Fram, he was an experienced Arctic trekker who aimed to explore the northern limits of navigable waters by sailing along the western coast of Greenland and rounding its northern tip. When he found this passage blocked by ice, Sverdrup turned west, and over five years charted a vast area, about 160,000 square kilometres, of islands and ice. The territory he claimed for his country now belongs to Canada, but the Norwegian names remain-Alex Heiberg Island, the Ringnes Islands and others are witness to our shared history.”