Mar 24, 2024
David Akin's Roundup
Clippings of #cdnpoli, #media, and #tech content aimed at those with an interest in Canadian politics and policy. And sometimes Canadian postage stamps.
Brian Mulroney funeral: Former PM of Canada honoured at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal
Former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney's state funeral was held on Saturday at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. You can watch the entire event here. [Global]
Brian Mulroney funeral: Daughter gives emotional eulogy of "truly great father"
Speaking at Brian Mulroney's state funeral on Saturday, daughter Caroline Mulroney delivered an emotional eulogy, remembering the former prime minister as a "truly great father," and a charismatic public speaker who cared for everyone – regardless of position of power. [Global]
Speaking at Brian Mulroney's state funeral on Saturday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remembered the former prime minister's lasting legacy. [Global]
Former Quebec premier Jean Charest spoke at Brian Mulroney's state funeral on Saturday, saying the former prime minister's economic policies shaped Canada and the world beyond. [Global]
"We've had so many wonderful speakers you're going to figure out who's in politics and which guy is the hockey player quick." The Great One eulogizes another Great One. - DA [Global]
Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has touted technology as a solution to climate change, as opposed to the federal carbon price, a similar case made by ex-premier Brad Wall.
Heather Exner-Piro: While low-income earners tend to benefit from the carbon tax, EV incentives only favour the wealthy. [Macdonald Laurier Institute]
The Department of National Defence just published, via the government's Open Data portal, the number of its civilian employees who identify as womenthe number who identify as Indigenous, and the number who identify as a visible minority. The number of those identifying as female has edged up from 41 per cent in 2019-2020 to 42 per ent in 2022-2023. The number identifying as Indigenous has remained at 3 per cent through this period. (875 civilians in 2022-2023 identified as Indigenous). Visible minorities make up 11 per cent of DND's civilian workforce now up from 10 per cent in FY20. The department tracks these numbers as it seeks to diversify its workforce to more closely match Canada's population which is 50.9 per cent female (2022) , 5 per cent Indigenous (2021 census) and 26.5 per cent who are a member of a visible minority group.  - DA 
From the Provinces
‘Backbone of this province’: Cities ask for financial help from Ontario government
As the Ontario government's next budget looms, cities and towns continue to ask for more money, saying old funding formulas are leaving them cash-strapped [Global]
The budget includes increases in the overall funding put towards agriculture, as well as for risk management measures like crop insurance. [Global]
Moscow attack: US, Canada warned Russia of imminent terrorism risk prior to shooting
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday that authorities had arrested all four suspects involved in the attack, claiming they had been captured while fleeing to Ukraine. Ukraine has denied any involvement in the attack. As Mike Drolet reports, the U.S. and Canada had both recently warned Russia about the risk of an imminent terror attack in Moscow. [Global National]
 A pro-EU former Slovak foreign minister scored a surprise victory in the first round of a presidential election on Saturday, setting up a run-off vote with a key ally of populist Prime Minister Robert Fico. Slovakia's presidential election is a chance for Fico, whose views on Ukraine have angered critics for veering too close to Russia, to strengthen his grip on power. Opposition forces want a counterbalance to his rule. [Reuters]
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The co-chairs of the Travers Fellowship Steering Committee, Carleton University’s Susan Harada of the School of Journalism and Communication and Ben Travers, announced today that Dylan Robertson, an international affairs reporter with the Ottawa bureau of The Canadian Press, has been awarded this year’s $25,000 R. James Travers Foreign Corresponding Fellowship. The fellowship is administered by Carleton and annually supports a significant foreign reporting project by Canadian journalists or journalism students. Excellent choice.  [Carleton University]
Science and Tech
Tech Tip: How to get around Instagram's new limits on political content
Instagram has started an automatic clamp down on the amount of political content appearing in its users' feeds, but there is a relatively quick and easy and easy way to turn off the controls if you don't want to keep the limitations place. This story originated with the U.S.-based Associated Press and maybe the Insta app is different there as the instruction in this piece did not work on my phone. On my app, here in Canada, the solution is: Settings-->Content preferences-->Political content. [CP]
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  • 2000 ET: Halifax - NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh attends the 2024 Juno Awards.
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