Sep 18, 2023
David Akin's Roundup
Clippings of #cdnpoli, #media, and #tech content aimed at those with an interest in Canadian politics and policy. And sometimes Canadian postage stamps.
Good morning! The work of the 1st session of the 44th Parliament resumes today and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is scheduled to be in the House of Commons for Question Period at 1400 ET. I'll be on the morning shows of many of our Global televisions stations today with my assessment of this fall's political landscape. Tune in!
MPs return as fall sitting of Parliament begins
Colleague Mercedes Stephenson sizes up the political fortunes of Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre on the eve of the return of MPs to the House of Commons - DA. [Global National]
As Ottawa prepares to summon grocery executives to come up with a plan to address food inflation, some analysts say the move is 'disingenuous.' [Global]
The Prime Minister’s chief of staff is his closest adviser, but the partnership might not be serving them now that the Liberals face grim political fortunes. [Globe and Mail]
 The idea that Dominic LeBlanc could be handed the reins of the federal Liberal party if Justin Trudeau’s stock continues to plummet is circulating in Ottawa, with onlookers suggesting it’s a real possibility. [Telegraph-Journal]
An Abacus poll on the dispute between the Ontario government and education workers last year showed more Ontarians blamed the government, not workers, for the dispute. [Global]
From the provinces
‘Search the landfill’ protests planned across Canada for Monday
"People are speaking of reconciliation, and they think it's moving along just fine. But a genuine step would be to bring these women home to their families." [Global]
Premier David Eby says the New Democrat caucus conducted a thorough internal investigation after a human resources complaint was issued against Walker. [Global]
The president of Ukraine told 60 Minutes if his nation was given additional advanced weapons, it could end the Russian war faster. [CBS]
The money will come from the $500 million fund Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in June 2023 for military assistance in Ukraine. [Global]
It’s yet another sign that while the official pandemic state may be over, the days of COVID are far from it. [Fortune]
"We didn't care what the MSM said," the top GOP strategist said. "We basically ignored them from start to finish. Goal was to fire up the grassroots. A story in National Pulse, Post Millennial and similar publications was more valuable than any harm an A1 NYT story could do." [Axios]
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CEO Andrew Mule said the decision was made after the company abruptly suspended operations at its more than 30 hyperlocal publications, including the Journal Métro. [Global]
Lego Antikythera Mechanism
The Antikythera Mechanism is the oldest known scientific computer, built in Greece at around 100 BCE. Lost for 2000 years, it was recovered from a shipwreck in 1901. But not until a century later was its purpose understood: an astronomical clock that determines the positions of celestial bodies with extraordinary precision. In 2010, we built a fully-functional replica out of Lego. [Nature]
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The Calendar
  • 900 ET: House of Commons Foyer.,  - Government House Leader Karina  Gould speaks to reporters. 
  • 1000 ET: 135B West Block,  - GPC MP Mike Morrice speaks about Green Party parliamentary priorities.
  • 1100 ET: 420 Wellington,  -   Standing Committee on Official Languages (LANG) | Meeting 65 - Committee business
  • 1100 ET: 315 Wellington,  -   Standing Committee on Natural Resources (RNNR) | Meeting 71 - Canada’s Clean Energy Plans in the Context of North American Energy Transformation
  • 1100 ET: 330 Wellington,  -   Standing Committee on Health (HESA) | Meeting 76 - Drafting report
  • 1100 ET: 410 Wellington,  -   Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (HUMA) | Meeting 76 - Drafting report
  • 1100 ET: Ottawa - Deputy PM and Fin Min Chrystia Freeland and Innovation, Science and Industry Min François-Philippe Champagne meet with executives from grocery store chains.
  • 1130 ET: Edmonton - Employment Min Randy Boissonnault makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1230 ET: 135B West Block,  - NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh speaks to reporters. 
  • 1330 ET: Calgary - Energy and Natural Resources Min Jonathan Wilkinson makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1530 ET: 330 Wellington,  -   Standing Committee on Science and Research (SRSR): Committee Business | Meeting 52 - Drafting report
  • 1530 ET: 420 Wellington,  -   Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities (TRAN) | Meeting 76 - Committee business
  • 1530 ET: 425 Wellington,  -   Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics (ETHI) | Meeting 79 - Briefing Session with the Interim Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner
  • 1700 ET: Manotick, ON - Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre speaks at a Conservative fundraising event.
Issued this day ...
Issued this day in 1970: Scott #518: Group of Seven. 
Marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Group of Seven. The stamp features the work Isles of Spruce (1922) by group member Arthur Lismer (1885-1969).