Mar 28, 2024
David Akin's Roundup
Clippings of #cdnpoli, #media, and #tech content aimed at those with an interest in Canadian politics and policy. And sometimes Canadian postage stamps.
‘They fear retribution’: Diaspora groups testify at foreign interference inquiry
The public inquiry into alleged foreign interference in Canada's 2019 and 2021 federal elections has begun its second round of hearings in Ottawa. As David Akin explains, members of diaspora communities testified about how their lives have been affected. [Global National]
Justin Trudeau said in an announcement Wednesday that the new reforms will "make the playing field fairer for renters," as homeownership continues to be out of reach for many. [Global]

In six markets, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, condo construction starts reached historic highs, with 57,121 units in 2023. [Global]

The Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) gave out almost $50 million to nearly 900,000 businesses to help them stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. But as Abigail Bimman explains, while the federal government extended the repayment deadline, it now looms again for tens of thousands of businesses struggling to pay it back. [Global National]
Thousands of people were at the Edmonton Expo Centre on Wednesday night to attend a rally with the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada Pierre Poilievre. The show moves to Winnipeg tonight ... [Edmonton Journal]
Federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre received a thunderous welcome during his standing-room only speech at Côte St. Luc's Beth Israel Beth Aaron Synagogue March 26, which attracted some 1,400 people. First:  don't write the headlines on these clips. They're pulled directly from the publisher. Second: This is in the heart of the riding of Liberal MP Anthony Housefather who is musing about his future in the LPC  [The Suburban Newspaper]
Aspiring Liberal candidate Bruce Fanjoy has knocked on 5,000 doors. ‘I see hope in faces.’ I am a resident and voter in the riding of Carleton. Both the incumbent and previous Liberal challengers have knocked on my door seeking votes in the last two election cycles. Looking forward to meeting Mr. Fanjoy as I consider my ballot choice for 2025. [The Tyee]
From the Provinces
Ontario spending $310K on new 'communications centre'; critics say will limit access
The Ontario government is spending about $310,000 on a new space for press conferences, which opposition parties say duplicates a room that already exists at the legislature and will mean less access for media. [CP]
Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says federal immigration limits are undercutting her province’s ability to fill jobs, grow the economy and aid those fleeing violence in war-torn Ukraine. [CP]
'Basically, it's a 50-50 chance. You're either going to get a call out or you're just going to sit there and wait till someone drives by.' Let's fix this! [Global]
Eric Grenier: The numbers suggest two things. First, that Nenshi gives the NDP the best chance to be competitive with the United Conservatives today (but ask me again in 2027). Second, that Nenshi does not guarantee the NDP a ticket back into the premier’s office. [The Writ]

Higgs said that some people "just don't want to come off the street," in response to an opposition question about how his government would prevent tent fires at encampments. [Global]


[America's] campaign finance regulator is proposing letting congressional and presidential candidates pay for a whole range of security protections from their campaign accounts. [Politico]

Widely praised for its professionalism and effectiveness throughout the primary phase of the 2024 election, Trump’s political operation has been slow to pivot toward the general election in the weeks after executing a hostile takeover of the Republican Party’s national political machinery. In fact, the former president’s team has rolled back plans under previous leaders to add hundreds of staff and dozens of new minority-outreach centers in key states without offering a clear alternative. [AP]

Finland’s governments have long viewed the willingness of the citizenry to fight as part of the defence apparatus. The latest round of polling shows that nine out of 10 have a positive view of NATO membership; 97% agree that “other NATO countries must be prepared to defend Finland” in the event of an attack (84% agree “fully”); 91% agree that “Finland must be prepared to defend another NATO country” in the event of armed aggression. If Finland were attacked, 79% agree that “Finns… [should] take up arms to defend themselves in all situations, even if the outcome seemed uncertain.” [Paul Wells Substack]

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Reddit will need to spend heavily on content moderation as it may face greater scrutiny as a public company, analysts said, threatening its longstanding policy of relying on an army of volunteers to maintain order on its platform. [Reuters]

This study focuses on illuminating the impact of these vexatious and frivolous lawsuits on investigative journalism and press freedom, and recording whether journalists experience additional or different consequences from SLAPPs in comparison to other types of threats. [Journalism]

Science and Tech

This document is an UNCLASSIFIED publication that is part of a suite of documents that focus on each of the top 10 security actions recommended in ITSM.10.189 Top 10 information technology security actions to protect internet connected networks and information. [Canada Centre for Cyber Security]

According to new real-world driving data from the European Commission, plug-in hybrids produce roughly 3.5 times the emissions official estimates suggest. The difference is largely linked to driver habits: people tend to charge plug-in hybrids and drive them in electric mode less than expected. [MIT Technology Review]

The Calendar
  • 0900 ET: Ottawa - NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh speaks to the Canadian Union of Public Employees national committee meeting.
  • 0900 ET: Elmsdale, NS - LP MP Kody Blois makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1000 ET: 225-A West Block - Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates (OGGO) | Meeting  114 - FY24 Main Estimates
  • 1200 ET: Winnipeg - Deputy PM and Fin Min Chrystia Freeland and Northern Affairs Min Dan Vandal make a childcare announcement.
  • 1230 ET: Surrey, BC - PM Trudeau and Families, Children and Social Development Min Jenna Sudds make a childcare announcement.
  • 1330 ET: Regina - Energy and Natural Resources Min Jonathan Wilkinson and Treasury Board President Anita Anand speak about housing policy.
  • 1330 ET: Windsor, ON - Justice Min Arif Virani makes a childcare announcement.
  • 1400 ET: Quebec City - Public Services and Procurement Min Jean-Yves Duclos makes a childcare announcement.
  • 1400 ET: Halifax - ACOA Min Gudie Hutchings and Veterans Affairs Min Ginette Petitpas Taylor make a childcare announcement.
  • 1430 ET: MIssissauga, ON - Small Business Min Rechie Valdez and Women and Gender Equality Min Marci Ien make a childcare announcement.
  • 1445 ET: Montreal - Transport Min Pablo Rodriguez and Immigration Min Marc Miller make a childcare announcement.
  • 1930 ET: Winnipeg - Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre speaks to supporters.
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