Mar 1, 2024
David Akin's Roundup
Clippings of #cdnpoli, #media, and #tech content aimed at those with an interest in Canadian politics and policy. And sometimes Canadian postage stamps.
Brian Mulroney, former Canadian prime minister, dead at 84
Mulroney served as prime minister from 1984 to 1993 by leading a fractious Conservative coalition and netting a slew of domestic and international achievements. [Global]
“As we mourn his passing and keep his family and friends in our thoughts, let us also acknowledge – and celebrate – Mr. Mulroney’s role in building the modern, dynamic, and prosperous country we all know today.” [PMO]
“I will always be thankful for his candid advice and generous mentorship to me personally. All Canadians are grateful for his immense sacrifice and the lasting legacy he leaves us all.” [Conservative Party of Canada]
It's hard to imagine Canada without Brian Mulroney
Susan Delacourt: His legacy was controversial, to be sure, but enduring too. Free trade is now the fuel of the Canadian economy — something Trudeau did indeed have to protect from Trump’s existential and economic threats. The goods and services tax is certainly not beloved, but it is a major contributor to government coffers, and helps fund progressive programs. And it bears mention too that the political backlash to the Mulroney years — the rise of the Bloc Québécois and the Reform Party; the shattering of the progressive conservative coalition, would prove consequential for decades to come. [TorStar]
Ian Brodie: Mulroney deserves to be remembered along with St. Laurent as Canada’s grand strategist of the 20th century. A trusted confidant of world leaders. [Paul Wells Substack]
Canada needs an 'auto czar,' among other measures, to combat the problem on ongoing car thefts, industry officials told lawmakers on Thursday. [Global]
The Liberals lifted the visa requirement in 2016, making it easier for people from Mexico to make an asylum claim. Quebec's premier says his province is at a 'breaking point.' [Global]
The Canadian Security Intelligence Service decided two scientists at a highly-secure Winnipeg lab posed a security threat, but had no evidence of working with foreign agents. [Global]
From the Provinces
Quebec Court of Appeal rules that secularism law known as Bill 21 is constitutional
“The court has confirmed Quebec’s right to make its own decisions,” Premier François Legault told reporters in Montreal Thursday. “Secularism is a collective choice that is part of our history, in continuity with the Quiet Revolution. Secularism is a principle that unites us as a nation in Quebec.” [Global]
Owning an electric vehicle, selling and registering a home, and smoking are about to get more expensive in Alberta. [Global]
Danielle Smith wants to save Alberta's oil wealth, but history shows it's a pledge that's hard to deliver
With Thursday's budget, Danielle Smith joins the long history of governments in Alberta pledging to save the bounty of oil cash. But with a crash in oil prices seemingly always around the corner, every previous commitment to saving has inevitably failed. [CBC]

The minister responsible for Saskatchewan's energy utility says the province will not be remitting the federal carbon levy on natural gas to Ottawa. [Global]

Saskatchewan's move to no longer remit the federal carbon levy on natural gas turned into a tit-for-tat of threats Thursday, with Ottawa saying the province's residents will no longer be getting rebates. [CP]

Nova Scotia is now expecting to achieve a budget balance in the outgoing 2023/24 fiscal year, as higher revenues, including a beneficial adjustment in prior years' tax receipts, has more than offset an increase in spending. For the upcoming 2024/25 fiscal year, the province expects to see a return to deficit due to greater spending on priorities such as healthcare and a normalisation in tax receipts which won't be bolstered by that positive prior years' adjustment. The $467mn deficit projected is a fairly moderate 0.8% of GDP. Total funding requirements will increase by about $1.4bn in fiscal 2024/25 relative to the prior year, although a drawdown of short term assets and/or increase in short term borrowing will mean that new bond issuance increases more modestly from $2.0bn to $2.6bn. [CIBC]
The Progressive Conservative government of Premier Dennis King has tabled a $3.2-billion budget as it predicts that population growth will ease. [SaltWire]
Prince Edward Island remains on track to post a moderate budget deficit in fiscal 2023/24, and is projecting a similar shortfall of $85mn for the upcoming year. While the economy is expected to continue growing at a robust pace, supporting revenues, spending growth will keep pace for the upcoming year. While the projected deficit for the 2024/25 fiscal year is little changed relative to the outgoing year, increased borrowing on behalf of crown corporations and for capital spending will see net new bond issuance rise from $200mn in 2023/24 to $400mn. [CIBC]
George Galloway wins sweeping victory in Rochdale byelection, saying ‘this is for Gaza’
Galloway, one of the most divisive politicians in Britain, won almost 40% of the vote in a contest beset by chaos and controversy and dominated by the conflict in Gaza. [The Guardian] 
To many Republicans here and across the country, “Support Ukraine” is now a liberal cause — a costly diversion from more pressing domestic issues, such as securing the southern border. Some think European allies should bear the responsibility for stopping Vladimir Putin’s takeover, casting Kyiv’s potential ruin as not America’s problem. Others suspect aid funds might be landing in the wrong pockets. [WaPo]
CBC set for budget boost despite executives’ claims of looming cut
CBC is getting an increase in funding, despite executives insisting a request to cut its budget for was one reason they announced layoffs for 10 per cent of staff. [Global]

Meta Platforms said it will stop paying Australian news publishers for content that appears on Facebook, setting up a fresh battle with Canberra which had led the world with a law that forces internet giants to strike licencing deals. [Reuters]

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Biden administration calls for developers to embrace memory-safe programing languages and move away from those that cause buffer overflows and other memory access vulnerabilities. [InfoWorld]
The Calendar
  • 0830 ET: Toronto - LPC MP Marco Mendicino makes a funding announcement. 
  • 0900 ET: Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON - Agriculture Min Lawrence MacAulay and LPC MPs Chris Bittle and Vance Badawey make a funding announcement. 
  • 0900 ET: Dieppe, NB - Employment Min Randy Boissonnault makes a funding announcement. 
  • 0930 ET: Cap-aux-Meules, QC - Fisheries Min Diane Lebouthillier makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1000 ET: HoC Foyer - NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and NDP MP Heather McPherson speak about their opposition day motion.
  • 1000 ET: Wolfville, NS - LP MP Kody Blois makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1030 ET: Bathurst, NB - Housing and Infrastructure Min Sean Fraser makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1045 ET: Mississauga, ON - Mental Health MIn Ya'ara Saks makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1100 ET: North Grenville, ON - Families and Social Development Min Jenna Sudds makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1100 ET: North Bay , ON - LPC MP Anthony Rota makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1130 ET: Northern Ontario  - PM Trudeau speaks about the Canada-Ontario health agreement.
  • 1145 ET: Jonquière, QC - Heritage Min Pascale St-Onge makes a journalism funding announcement.
  • 1230 ET: Winnipeg - PrairiesCAN Min Dan Vandal makes a funding announcement. 
  • 1300 ET: Îles-de-la-Madeleine, QC - BQ Leader Yves-François Blanchet meets with le président du Regroupement des pêcheurs et pêcheuses des côtes des Îles.
  • 1410 ET: Northern Ontario - PM Trudeau meets with a community group.
  • 1415 ET: Hay River, NT - Rural Economic Development Min Gudie Hutchings and LPC MP Michael McLeod make a funding announcement. 
  • 1430 ET: Jonquière, QC - Heritage Min Pascale St-Onge makes a funding announcement. 
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