Nov 25, 2023
David Akin's Roundup
Clippings of #cdnpoli, #media, and #tech content aimed at those with an interest in Canadian politics and policy. And sometimes Canadian postage stamps.
A reminder: This is a "clippings" newsletter and so most of the headlines, blurbs, and art you see here are generated by the news organization from which I've clipped the item. If you see something in italics in the blurb -- that's me talking. And if you see a blurb or paragraph that finishes with '-DA', that's me talking too. Hope you have a great weekend! 
Michael Kovrig denies his Chinese detention was due to alleged ‘espionage’
The comments were made in response to a recent report that claimed Michael Spavor blames the Canadian government and Kovrig for his detention. [Global]

Conservatives said they could not support the text of the deal because it commits both countries to "promote carbon pricing." [National Post]

Canada's "Pierogi Belt"
As you consider the current debate on the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade deal, worth noting where the Ukrainian vote is in Canada. The image above gives you a sense of where Canada's "Pierogi Belt" is but click on it see an interactive data chart that lets you find specific ridings. (Click here for an interactive version of the map that lets you hover over the map to see the riding name and number of Ukrainian Canadians) The bottom line is: Ukrainian Canadians live mostly in Conservative ridings. Cathay Wagantall's Saskatchewan riding of Yorkton-Melville has the highest percentage of Ukrainian Canadians -- better than one in four. - DA
Federal security officials have been briefing leaders of major energy and utility firms on cyberthreats, one element of a concerted government effort to underscore the serious risks to the sector. [CP]

Max Valiquette will work alongside PMO director of communications Vanessa Hage-Moussa, and Ann-Clara Vaillancourt, who has been promoted to the position of media relations director, according to a government source. [The Hill Times]

Shachi Kurl: At such a fraught time, Poilievre should appeal to Canadians’ better natures, not further drive them into suspicion and division. [Ottawa Citizen]
Luelo came from the private sector to drag the federal public service into the modern age. She leaves government much as she found it. [Policy Options]

2023 Minister Transition binder. [Open Government Portal]

From the provinces
Danielle Smith to invoke Sovereignty Act on Ottawa power rules next week, say sources
Alberta's premier has repeatedly threatened to use her controversial law to resist federal policy. Sources now say a special resolution to thwart the proposed clean electricity regulations could come as soon as Monday. [CBC]
"With the geopolitical state of the world right now, we have to make sure that the Government of Alberta is functioning properly" [Edmonton Journal]
The Ontario premier says the RCMP will have access to all government documents for its Greenbelt investgation. [Global]
Small businesses and climate activists are looking at what the province's newly introduced "gas tax holiday" bill could mean for Manitobans. [Global]
A new report by Montreal's chamber of commerce says about one in five of the ubiquitous orange construction cones in the city's downtown appears to serve no purpose. [CP]
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More aid enters Gaza amid 4-day pause, advocates say not enough to meet population’s needs
Cars emblazoned with the internationally recognized Red Cross logo carried 24 men, women and children out of Gaza on Friday after they were held in captivity by Hamas militants for nearly seven weeks. [Global National]

Egyptian officials say Hamas will release 14 Israeli hostages in exchange for Israel freeing 42 Palestinian prisoners Saturday as part of an ongoing swap during a four-day cease-fire. [AP]

Russia's large-scale attack on Ukraine overnight on Nov. 25, which coincided with the Holodomor Memorial Day, was "deliberate terror," President Volodymyr Zelensky said. [Kyiv Independent]

Ukraine launched one of the biggest drone attacks on the Moscow-annexed Crimean Peninsula since the full-scale war that started with Russia's invasion 21 months ago. [Global]

President Vladimir Putin on Friday warned that the West should not be allowed to develop a monopoly in the sphere of artificial intelligence (AI), and said that a much more ambitious Russian strategy for the development of AI would be approved shortly. [Reuters]
Digital nomads scour the globe for cheap rent and fast Wi-Fi. They’ve found that in Bansko, where an eccentric German entrepreneur is building an empire for the lost and lonely. [Global]

Click through to read threads above 👆 and below 👇 . Leslie is one of the most generous and supportive newsroom colleagues I've ever worked with. Kirk has pushed me along by hiring me three times -- at the Hamilton Spectator, National Post and at CTV National News. Good luck to both in future endeavours! - DA
Long-time CTV News reporter Norman Fetterley has died. Fetterley retired from CTV News Ottawa in June 2013 after more than 45 years on the air. He was a brilliant writer, storyteller and beloved by colleagues for whom he served as a mentor. Norm had the most wonderful voice and was such a gentleman. [CTV]

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When It Comes to AI Models, Bigger Isn't Always Better
Artificial intelligence models are getting bigger, along with the data sets used to train them. But scaling down could solve some big AI problems. [SciAm]
Videoconferencing exhaustion has now been neurologically proven. [IEEE Spectrum]
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