Sep 10, 2023
David Akin's Roundup
Clippings of #cdnpoli, #media, and #tech content aimed at those with an interest in Canadian politics and policy. And sometimes Canadian postage stamps.
What policies will Poilievre’s Conservatives campaign on in next election?
As the Conservatives ride a wave of support in the opinion polls, the party wrapped up what’s likely its only policy conventions before the next federal election. The gathering in Quebec City attracted a record number of more than 2,500 delegates and they now have recommended a diverse set of policy proposals they want their party to campaign on. David Akin looks at what is being proposed. [Global National]
The Conservative grassroots voted overwhelmingly to restrict gender-affirming care for trans youth under the age of 18 on Saturday. [Global]
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada will not recognize the results of elections held this week by Russian authorities in occupied parts of Ukraine. [CP]
The complainant says she was asked to take part in an adjudication session with a man she'd accused of sexual assault amid an active police investigation.  [Global]
 La politicienne, universitaire et féministe Monique Bégin s’est éteinte vendredi à l’âge de 87 ans. [La Presse]

From the provinces
Winnipeg judge releases video showing moments leading up to inmate’s death
Video has been released showing the altercation and moment's leading up to an inmate's death at Headingley Correctional Centre in February 2021.  [Global]
Premier Doug Ford tried to shift focus from the Greenbelt, attacking school boards who withhold information from parents about their children’s sexuality and gender.  [Global]
About 100 young people involved in Premier François Legault's governing party are meeting in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu this weekend. [Montreal Gazette]
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G20 leaders reach consensus early, softening language on Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Global economic leaders have agreed on a final declaration at the G20 summit, but the language surrounding Russia's invasion of Ukraine — which is leading to geopolitical tensions — has softened since the leaders last met. [CP]
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pulled his hand away from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was attempting to hold the Canadian leader’s hand during a wreath laying. [CP]
Farris and Dan Wilks’ deep pockets fund climate denialism education, conservative politicians and pro-fossil fuel projects. [The Guardian]
ChatGPT has some great chart-making tools. From histograms and heatmaps to word clouds and network diagrams, here's how to take full advantage of this powerful capability. [ZDNet]
The X Corp. lawsuit alleges that California’s bill infringes on X’s free speech rights because it forces companies to take up definitions for murky terms. [The Verge]
Although only 1.6% of [web site] visits related to politics, in absolute terms, citizens encounter politics more frequently outside of news than within news. Out of every 10 visits to political content, 3.4 come from news and 6.6 from non-news sites. Furthermore, exposure to political content outside news domains had the same – and in some cases stronger - associations with key democratic attitudes and behaviors as news exposure. [Political Communication]
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The Calendar
  • 0001 ET: New Delhi, India - PM Trudeau meets with Australia PM Anthony Albanese.
  • 0215 ET: New Delhi, India - PM Trudeau attends the G20 closing session.
  • 0245 ET: New Delhi, India - PM Trudeau meets with Comoros President Azali Assoumani.
  • 0415 ET: New Delhi, India - PM Trudeau meets with India Prime MInister Narendra Modi.
  • 0530 ET: New Delhi, India - PM Trudeau speaks to reporters. 
  • 1000 ET: New Delhi, India - PM Trudeau departs for Canada.
  • 1430 ET: Salt Spring Island, BC - GPC MP Elizabeth May attends the Salt Spring Island Fall Fair.
Issued this day ...
.. in 2020: Scott # 3246i: Medical Groundbreakers - Till and McCulloch. Design: MIke Savage and Dale Killian.
The first of a five-stamp series celebrating Canadian medical researchers. This one features Dr. James Till, O.C., O. Ont. (b. 1931) and Dr. Ernest McCulloch, O.C., O. Ont. (1926-2011) who transformed the world’s understanding of tissue renewal by confirming the existence of stem cells. Their work has important implications for the treatment of many intractable medical conditions.