Jan 11, 2024
David Akin's Roundup
Clippings of #cdnpoli, #media, and #tech content aimed at those with an interest in Canadian politics and policy. And sometimes Canadian postage stamps.
Health Canada ignored warning signs before Ottawa spent billions on BTNX rapid tests
Health Canada ignored critical warnings about a rapid-test supplier before approving its COVID-19 kits for distribution nationwide, Global News has found. [Global]
Liberal members of Parliament are divided about the position Canada should take on South Africa's push to have Israel prosecuted for genocide for its war in Gaza, as the Trudeau government stays mum. [CP]

Our study shows that women and LGBTQ2S+ candidates are particularly overrepresented in hard-to-win districts. In addition, minority candidates running for the two largest parties are more likely to be nominated in districts their party lost by a landslide at the previous election compared to minority candidates of other parties. Our study also confirms that incumbency is a significantly impediment to the election of minority candidates. Overall, minority groups are still sacrificial lambs in Canadian elections. [Electoral Studies]

From the provinces
Hospitals in British Columbia are treating a record number of patients as the province's respiratory illness season nears its peak, with the health minister saying the situation is challenging but being managed. [CP]
The world is at risk of ‘global catastrophes’ in coming years, report warns
In its latest Global Risks Report, the World Economic Forum said an array of environmental risks pose the biggest threats in the longer term. [Global]
Study of European electoral data suggests social democratic parties alienate supporters by moving towards the political centre. [The Guardian]
Morin was coincidentally present to conduct interviews when police started to set up for a raid, including setting up a cordon of yellow tape out of clear view of the encampment. When the raid began, Morin was filming police arrests that she describes as “violent.” [Ricochet Media]

The incident occurred at the scene of a fatal vehicle/pedestrian collision in December. [Guelph Today]

Tories seek the support of NDP and Bloc Québécois to reconvene committee, call for review of interaction between Rebel’s David Menzies and Mounties after journalist asked Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland a question. [Globe and Mail]

A selection of other incidents in which David Menzies was arrested -- then appealed for money:
- DA

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Walmart is bringing drone deliveries to 1.8 million more Texas households
Walmart will soon offer drone deliveries to more people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. The company is expanding the reach of its program through partnerships with Wing and Zipline. With video! [The Verge]
The Calendar
  • 930 ET: Sudbury, ON - LPC MP Lisa Hepfner and Viviane Lapointe make a funding announcement. 
  • 1010 ET: Ottawa - PM Trudeau will visit a seniors residence.
  • 1030 ET: St Thomas, ON - FEDDEV Min Filomena Tassi and LPC MPs Peter Fragiskatos and Arielle Kayabaga make a funding announcement. 
  • 1145 ET: Ottawa - PM Trudeau visits a business.
  • 1400 ET: Richmond, BC - Transport Min Pablo Rodriguez and LPC MPs Parm Bains and Randeep Sarai make a funding announcement. 
  • 1915 ET: Ottawa - PM Trudeau delivers remarks at a reception for Jean Chrétien's 90th birthday.
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